From academics to Sports to Other Activities, there is nothing that my school did not offer. As I stepped into other institutions for higher studies, I realized even more how fortunate I had been to study at DPS International School, Sojat city. It is thanks to the amazing facilities at DPS International School, that I became good enough to play Sports for the other institutions & Club as well. It is thanks to my teachers at school that I was able to sustain the academic demands of High institutions and make it to toppers list. To have studied at DPS International School has been the biggest boon of my life. Thanks to Director Sir and Principle Sir for believing me. Thank You!! DPS International School for everything.

- Harendra Singh Rathor, X - A


I can-not thank DPS International School, Sojat city enough for bringing me to where I am today. The academic rigour, the dedication and perseverance of the teachers and their emotional support made me most comfortable in the School environment. My home away from home, the DPS International School taught me lessons in both independence and inter dependence. Thank you DPS International School, Sojat city for everything.

- Raghvendra Singh Jaitawat, X - A


A school is a place that celebrates your inherent strengths and polishes your rough edges. I would not be wrong if I were to say that that is what DPS International School did for me. To say that I was very weak student when I came to this school but did it ever stop me from realizing my full potential- definitely not! My teachers realized that behind that weak boy lay an inquisitive and sharp mind that wanted to explore beyond the confines of the four walls of the classroom, that wanted to try and test everything, that wanted to question. While they encouraged my curiosity, the simultaneously taught me the values that has been the mainstay of whatever I have achieved and will do. Thank you DPS International School, Sojat for everything.

- Sagar Tak, X - A


At DPS International School, I never ran out of new opportunities and learning experiences. The teachers always extended a helping hand in all difficulties and encouraged me to reach my highest potential. The institution created a holistic environment for me to choose an appropriate career path and the times spent here shall always remain as one of the fondest memories. Thank you DPS International School !!

- Shreya Garg, X - A