Guidelines for Students

1. Students shall come to school on time and be neatly dressed in clean school uniforms. All the students are to wear their identity card at all times (i.e. during school hours).

2. No student shall leave the classroom without the student outpass and permission of the teacher.

3. Pupils changing classes must walk silently and in single line.

4. Girl students shall not wear any jewellery, have long nails or apply nail polish / kajal, mehendi when they come to school. Long hair should be neatly tied into a braid / plait and not in a pony tail. Coloured clips, hairbands are not permitted. Boys are not allowed to wear any jewellery, tattoos or have long nails when they come to school. They must have a proper haircut / clean shave at all times.

5. No books, (other than text books or library books) magazines, comics papers, music cassettes, CDs and Pen Drives to be brought to school without the permission of the Principal.

6. In order to acquire a good command of the English language which is the medium of instruction for all subjects, children should speak only in English or either in Hindi in the school premises.

7. Care must be taken of all school property, and no student shall scratch or spoil the desks or chairs or damage any school furniture, write or draw anything on the walls or in any way damage things belonging to others. Damage done even by accident, shall be reported at once to the school authorities. Any damage done within the school premises must be compensated by the one who does it.

8. Perfect silence must be maintained after the bell for morning prayer.

9. COMING OUT OF CLASSES after the teacher leaves the class and before the arrival of the next teacher is strictly PROHIBITED.

10. Bus-monitors will be responsible for orderly behaviour in the bus. Indisciplined behaviour in the school bus will make the student ineligible to use the school transport.

11.Students are not permitted to buy eatables from vendors outside the school grounds.

12. Students are not allowed to leave the school premises without the permission of the Principal.

13.Birthday parties are not given in the school premises. This creates differences among the children. One small toffee per child is all that may be distributed in class.

14.Cycles must be kept locked in the place provided.

15. The school reserves the right to dismiss a student who is irregular in attendance for a long time, whose conduct in the school or outside is harmful to other students, or whose guardians show little or no interest in the progress of their wards. Grave insubordination, discourtesy or disrespect to teachers, contempt of authority, willful damage to the property or physical violence will result in dismissal from the school. No student is permitted to use rude, abusive or inappropriate language in the school premises.

16. A student who uses unfair means during assessments, examinations etc. will be given a zero in the subject. Repetition of the same offence shall result in dismissal.

17.No student is allowed to bring any kind of fire crackers to the school. If any child is found in possession of fire crackers in the school premises, appropriate disciplinary action will be taken.

18. For security reasons, students are not permitted to bring mobile phones, cameras, smart watches, calculators or any electronic gadgets to school. In case we come across any of these items they will be confiscated and the parent will be required to come and collect the same from the Principal only after a written assurance has been given that their child / ward will not bring any electronic items to the school.

19.Students should not bully any other student. Bullying through physical intimidation or attacks, verbal abuse, unwanted attention and advances, damaging property, spreading malicious rumours, sending unpleasant S.M.S., messages, photographs or E-mails to others etc. is strictly prohibited. If any student is found indulging in any of the above offensive behaviour, strict action will be taken by the school management leading to expulsion or rustication from the school.